Why Ushindi

We Are All About Harnessing Technology! 

Ushindi Bora believes in technology and we believe that information technology drives services. We have employed technology in almost every aspect of our operations to increase efficiency as well as reduce operations cost. These are areas that we have employed technology among others: harness

  1. M-Ushindi: This is our mobile loan facility that allow our members to borrow and replay loan at their convenience without visiting our offices. This loan is a 30day loan and based on the clients credit score.
  2. Client communication: We use technology to communicate with clients every time and now. We pass information like loan due dates, Meeting dates and even to just educate them on our products.
  3. Balance Inquiry: The client is in a position to check his loans and saving balances anytime without calling our staff or coming to our offices.
  4. Loan Disbursement: we use technology to disburse loans to our members. This has therefore reduced the loan processing duration
  5. Savings and Loan Repayment: All our transactions are done through M-Pesa and therefore the client can save or repay loan at his convenience at zero charge.

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