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M-Ushindi (Instant Mobile Loan)

Emergency Loans

Airtime & KPLC Token Loan

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Emergency Loans

Reach your full potential with our unsecured, high loan limit that offers flexible repayment terms at affordable rates of interest

Ushindi Akiba

Save any amount at any time of the day with Ushindi Akiba. Your savings will then earn a fixed interest with a duration of up to 1 month. This enables you to access our innovative and convenient loans at attractive rates.

Individual and Group Loans

Explore the power of simpler and smarter banking at Ushindi Bora. Can’t wait for your loan? Get a loan as quickly as possible with our simple and hassle-free loan application process.


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Our Agribusiness Loan facility provides cash advances and farm inputs financing for small holder farmers. It allows small holder farmers to apply for and get instant credit information (how much the farmer qualifies for based on agriculture commodities that the farmer has delivered and is awaiting payment), loan status and payment updates. The advances and farm inputs loans are disbursed directly and conveniently to the farmer’s phone by Mpesa mobile money.