Introducing Ushindi Chapchap, Another amazing Mobile loan product from Ushindi Bora !!

Introducing Ushindi Chapchap, Another amazing Mobile loan product from Ushindi Bora !!

When we started our mobile lending USSD platform back in 2018 , we were one of the pioneering Microfinance firm rolling out the mobile loan product in the market. Nearly all lending platforms back then required users to download a mobile app that also required a lengthy application process and stringent minimum requirements just to qualify for a short term small loan.

Our product, M-Ushindi, was a revolutionary Mobile Finance Service (MFS) in that it offered our customers – including those who didn’t have smart phones an easy-to-access, no-frills loan platform. Nearly half a decade later, we continue to innovate and deliver more products that work on the same platform that our target clientele base have been accustomed to.

Ushindi Chapchap is the latest addition to our roster of mobile finance services offered through the USSD code: *483*14#. This product has been particularly designed to cater for individuals experiencing short-term financial emergencies and requiring quick solutions to sort out urgent needs. The highlights of the product are;
• It can be accessed by dialing *483*14# on any device – smart phone or non-smart phone
• Everything is automated – So 24/7 accessibility convenience
• One qualifies for a loan based on savings and credit rating
• The repayment period is up to 14 days

The beauty about this mobile loan product is that anyone who is engaged in any income generating activity can qualify for it. Ushindi bora also stands out among other lenders for its utmost respect of clients’ privacy when it comes to following up on repayments.

Try it out today!

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