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About Us

Ushindi Bora is a leading micro-credit solutions provider for low-income earners to middle class households in Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. With its continued expansion, the organization seeks to broaden its outreach to rural areas with a special focus on agriculture and related economic activities.
Ushindi Bora prides itself as one of the leading credit-only microfinance institutions with a focus on offering competitive tailor-made financial products to its clients.
As of the second half of 2014, the company has embarked on expansion to major towns throughout the country with the opening of new modern offices in Eldama-Ravine and Kinamba town. The two towns are in Baringo and Laikipia counties respectively.

Loan Products

We offer loan products which are convenient, flexible, affordable and easily accessible to meet your specific needs.
Some of the highlights of our Credit Products include;

1. Negotiable grace period on loans
2. Convenient loan repayment terms
3. Free financial advisory services ...



This is an Instant Loan mobile product that allows members to borrow emergency funds whenever they need through a mobile phone. All one has to do is dial *261*11# on any kind of phone (Smart phone or Basic GSM handsets) and the loan is approved instantly! Below are advantages of this platform: 

1. Members can access it from anywhere  
2. Up to 1 Month repayment period 
3. Ease of use

Saving Plans

We endeavour to inculcate a culture of saving among our customers. There is so much satisfaction in watching your savings grow and attaining the leverage to borrow more against your savings whenever you need to undertake a big project. We'll help you to;
1. Draw a savings plan in relation to your income
2. Provide till numbers for Easy Mpesa direct deposit (Click here)
3. Ultimately achieve your investment goals..