M-Ushindi, the Universal mobile loan service

Every one of us has at some point found themselves in need of a quick loan to sort out some urgent matters. You could be in a situation where you are unable to access banking services for one reason or the other. There is also the arduous task of providing some form of security – which happens to be one of the key requirements that most financial institutions demand before allowing you access to loan facilities.
Ushindi Bora has come up with a mobile based solution, M-Ushindi, tailored to offer instant loans to its members whenever they are in need. You may be wondering what makes this product any different from tens of other loan applications currently available in the market. Here is what you need to know;
Universal application
Unlike many other mobile based loan applications, M-Ushindi utilizes USSD access therefore allowing members who do not own smartphones to apply for loans. One does not need to download anything, just a quick dial of *261*11# and you’ll be presented with all the options you require.
Good repayment terms
Those of us who’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with loan sharks know just how ruthless they are when it comes to repayments. You can lose the item you provided as security not mentioning the exorbitant interest rates they charge on micro-loans. M-Ushindi does not require members to deposit any security and you are allowed a period of upto 30 days to repay your loan.
Easy to use
Any Ushindi Bora member who can dial *261*11# from any working mobile phone can access the loan facility. You don’t need any technical expertise or an advance mobile phone to enjoy the service.
Instant approval
As long as you’re a registered Ushindi Bora member with a good saving history you can access loans of up to Ksh 70,000 sent to you instantly to your Mpesa account. Since we already have your details as a member, you’re not required to fill lengthy questionnaires before gaining approval.

For non-members, click here and register with us so as to enjoy this Service!!

3 thoughts on “M-Ushindi, the Universal mobile loan service

  1. I was once given a 500/= loan but after i paid am being told I qualify for 2/= loan. What can be the problem?

  2. I registered as a member of ushindi bora through my phone which i was told that my registration was successful.Now i have begun to deposit my first savings through mpesa to eldoret branch till number.kindly advise me if i used a wrong procedure to deposit my savings.

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